Uponor Polytherm

Panel Heating and Cooling Systems

Heating and cooling wherever  is needed, from the floor, on the ceilings or the walls, Polytherm has the systems. Polytherm has the experience.

Heating and Cooling, Component Activation

Individual project solutions with Polytherm area temperature control.

Potable Water Installation System

Connections are quickly made to the wall using the unique assembly bar.

Connections to Radiators

Just as easy and just as quick. Take the shortest way straight along the wall from the boiler to the radiator or via the rising main from storey to storey.

Exclusive Distribution by Polytherm

Ecoflex Systemechnik with flexible, pre-insulated buried lines for heating, hot and cold water ( Ecoflex) and pipe systems for large flow rates and industrial applications ( Ecobar)

Planning Systems

System compatible design, precisely calculated and clearly depicted. PolyWIN/Poly/CAD is state-of-the-art technology to be used in the design of under-floor heating, radiator connections and potable water installation.